Dancing aan de vaart 2020Photo: Dancing aan de vaart / Dedemsvaart in beeld

René is participating in Dancing aan devaart this year.
Support him.

Stay informed through this Whatsapp group René dancing an de voart (click to join this group)
Or visit Facebook at Dancing aan de vaart or Eetcafé de Kalkwieke for the latest news.


Reservations can only be made when you arrive at our door.
There you can ring the bell so that we can come to you to do the health check with you. If this is good, you must wash your hands and we will guide you to your table on the terrace or in the cafe.

We have 2 and 4 person places inside and outside for guests from the same household.

Everything neat and as cozy as possible 1.5 meters apart.

Our kitchen is open and we have made a new menu with all tasty dishes!

We are excited!
See you soon
weer open 2 juli 2020 1200 uur

January 1, 2020 we are closed.
You are again very welcome on January 2, 2020 from 10:30 am.

To start the new year, you are welcome from 00:30 for the & nbsp; New Year's Party.

FREE entrance

newYear2019 2020

On Christmas Day we are closed during the day.
But from 8 p.m. are ready for a pleasant evening.

Unfortunately we are not at the Christmas market, it has been canceled.
More information

Saturday, November 9, 2019 we have a private party at 9:00 PM, you are welcome from 1:00 AM, DJ Peter Schipper plays the best hits together!
Besloten Feestje 9 november 2019

Deposit and BBQ costs € 15, - euro for savers and billiards, this is only € 5, - euro .

The first prize that can be won is a 1/2 pig.

Assignment at the bar of Eetcafé de Kalkwieke.

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Karaoke party with Niek and Dj Peter Schipper !!
more information on our facebook painga

Today live music from the band Anders Is Het Niet.

The photos will also come here on Saturday 27 April 2019.
If you have photos that we can post, mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you on a photo and you do not want this mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Kampioen BDO 2019

The Kalkwieke 1 team has become Champion in the 3rd class of the BDO Billiards.
Now the boys are at training camp in Tormelinos!
Congratulations on behalf of the Kalkwieke!

On 10 and 11 May 2019 there will be the Kalkwieke Volleyball Tournament again.
More information on the facebookpagina

From Friday 1 March to Tuesday 5 March 2019, Caranval is in Dedemsvaart.
Or better said in the Venekloeten.

More information is available www.venekloeten.nl

On this page you can follow everything about the Carnival of "De Kalkwieke"


De Foto's

Carnaval 2019 27Carnaval 2019 2Carnaval 2019 3Carnaval 2019 4Carnaval 2019 5Carnaval 2019 6Carnaval 2019 7Carnaval 2019 8Carnaval 2019 9Carnaval 2019 10Carnaval 2019 11Carnaval 2019 12Carnaval 2019 13Carnaval 2019 14Carnaval 2019 15Carnaval 2019 16Carnaval 2019 17Carnaval 2019 18Carnaval 2019 19Carnaval 2019 20Carnaval 2019 21Carnaval 2019 22Carnaval 2019 23Carnaval 2019 24Carnaval 2019 25Carnaval 2019 26Carnaval 2019 27Carnaval 2019 28Carnaval 2019 29Carnaval 2019 30Carnaval 2019 31Carnaval 2019 32Carnaval 2019 33Carnaval 2019 34Carnaval 2019 35Carnaval 2019 36Carnaval 2019 37Carnaval 2019 38Carnaval 2019 39Carnaval 2019 40Carnaval 2019 41

These coats have been hanging in the 'old smoking loft' for a while.
This should be picked up within 2 weeks.
Otherwise they go to the cycle, or other goal.

IMG 20190222 WA0000IMG 20190222 WA0001IMG 20190222 WA0002IMG 20190222 WA0003

Finally he is there !!
Contactless payment at the cigarette vending machine!
Of course still age verification at the bar.

sigaret pin 15022019

The new beamer in the cafe is hanging! 90 "Full HD
#oranjeleeuwinnen # formule1 #eredivisie #kitchenchampionship #karaokeparty


Kalkwieke builds out during old and new!
A big tent in front of the door so everyone who wants to party in Dedemsvaart can stand dry and warm!

At 00:00 o'clock together to decorate decorative fireworks for the café!

Open from 23:30

Free entrance

More information on Facebook

Regular guests, Darters, Biljarters thank René.

Kerstavond 2018 1

Kerstavond 2018 2

Kerstavond 2018 3

Kerstavond 2018 4

Kerstavond 2018 5

Kerstavond 2018 6

Kerstavond 2018 7
Kerstavond 2018 8

Christmas Karaoke Party in the Kalkwieke !!
Saturday, December 15 from 23:00.
Afterparty of Christmas an the voart with Everyone Sing!


Saturday 15 December 2018 from 17:00 - 21:00
Zacharias Tijllaan 2, 7701 HS Dedemsvaart

Eetcafe de Kalkwieke will stand here again with the Food Hut.
Come and enjoy this beautiful Christmas.

For all recent infomation look at the facebookpagina

Friday November 23, 2018
The whole evening 2 get 1 pay for a shot Dutch Drop!


On Monday, October 8, 2018, a start was made with the renovation of the ceiling, and with that also the renovation of the floor of the upper floor.
At the moment, hard work is being done on the side of the smoking loft.
When this side is finished, the bar side will be addressed.
You may therefore experience some hindrance from this renovation in the coming period.

We thank you for your understanding.

You can follow the renovation here by means of photos.

Verbouwing 007Verbouwing 005Verbouwing 004Verbouwing 001Verbouwing 002

On Sunday 26 August 2018 you can also find Eetcafé de Kalkwieke at Strawberry Fields Festival Dedemsvaart.
More information is available www.strawberryfieldsfestival.eu


CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 001CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 002CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 003CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 004CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 005CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 006CasaRene Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 007

From Monday 30 July to Saturday 4 August 2018 the weather is Dedemsvaria.
On this page you can read all about this, from the menu, to nice pictures, and also links to other websites with information about the Dedemsvaria.

Organization: www.dedemsvaria.nl

Team De Kalkwieke
00 IMG 20180801 WA0043

Photos Monday, July 30, 2018

Structure of the terrace.
In collaboration with Scouting Dedemsvaart www.scoutingdedemsvaart.nl

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Photos Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mexican bingo
(photos have been zoomed in, this has not improved the quality, our excuse.)

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